You Record Podcasts.
You Give Webinars.
And You Narrate Videos.
Maybe You Even Audition For Voice-Over Jobs.
But Your Audio Makes You Sound Like An Amateur!

You may not think it matters, but you probably know - at least on some level - that putting something out there that is less than professional affects the bottom line.  Put another way - your bad-sounding audio is costing you money!

The problem is - you can't go to a commercial recording studio for all you podcasts and video voice-overs.  But you also can't afford an expensive microphone.  Heck, maybe you HAVE and expensive microphone and still your audio sounds bad.  That's actually REALLY common!

Well after recording audio for over 20 years, and having to sound like a pro on a VERY limited budget, I've made the mistakes and I've learned the tricks.  Here is the big secret: Knowledge trumps gear.  If you have just a little bit of VERY simple audio know-how, it is possible to sound better with a cheap plastic PC mic than someone using a $500 mic (if that person doesn't understand what they are doing).

In this eBook, How To Build A Home Recording Studio, I share 4 key techniques to getting good audio no matter what mic you use.  But more importantly, I show you how to turn your computer into a professional recording studio - no matter what your budget.  And despite what the title says, you won't need to "build" anything - you don't need to with the technology available in 2012!

You'll learn the 2 recording configurations, and get a virtual shopping list of what microphones and other gear to buy.  And you get all this for just $5.99.

If you use audio in any way, shape, or form in in your business - ask yourself if it's worth $5.99 to sound like a pro and set yourself apart.

Get Your Copy Now For Only $5.99

And if you are not satisfied, we're not satisfied. Just let us know within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

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