Do You Want To Record Pro Quality Audio?

Do you think it's too hard or too expensive?

In 2012 all you need is a computer, a sound card and a microphone.  With a USB mic costing less than $100 and some free software, you can create professional sounding audio in seconds.  Most people simply don't know how.

Singers! Record your killer songs on your PC and show the world your talent!

Do you have a great voice? Start a career as a voice over actor!

As a musician I needed to have a CD to sell, but after a couple sessions at commercial recording studios I realized I could not afford to that for every song.  Plus, I was always nervous - feeling rushed because every minute was more money, and having to perform in front of strangers - so I could not give my best performance.  That's when I decided to learn how to do it myself...from the comfort of home where I could take my time and put out a great product.

Set Up Your Own Home Studio Fast - We Show You How

After recording and releasing 12 CDs using my home studio, as well as starting a voice-over business, I've learned how to create professional audio with a minimum of gear and cost.  And things have only gotten better in that time - great gear is even cheaper and easier to use.

Here is the Big Secret

Knowledge trumps gear when it comes to audio quality. It is possible...actually common, for people to spend many hundreds of dollars on a microphone, only to turn around and make the same crappy audio with it. Why is this? It is a lack of knowledge...and not even hard knowledge!

The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness Course - Part 1 will show you step-by-step how set up your own studio on your computer using free software (called Audacity) and only one piece of equipment, which you probably already have - any type of microphone (even a $5 PC mic is enough to learn the techniques). 

 Listen to What Is Possible on a Modest Home Recording Studio
(Everything You Hear Below Was Recorded On My Computer Studio)

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"Best Home Recording Tutorial I've Invested In"

Jake, I want to congratulate you on an excellent job. The Home Brew Audio Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness is the best home recording tutorial I've invested in. I am simply amazed at what you were able to do on a home computer without using expensive recording equipment. Thanks!!

Larry Jones
Rich and Radio-Friendly Vocals

This 10-lesson (18 total short but powerful videos) course is chock-full of incredible home recording tips, plus we'll show you how to do such awesome audio feats as overdubbing for lush voices and vocal harmony, how to use and create loops, basic multi-track production and audio editing. And the best part - You can start without having to spend more than $0-$5 in software or equipment. All you need is a computer and access to the internet. We teach you how to do everything with the free software program called "Audacity."

Screen Shots from the Tutorial Videos

What you get:

  • Immediate access to all the videos in the course 
  • PDF transcripts of each video

Get it all for just $37.00

And if you are not satisfied, we're not satisfied. Just let us know within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

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